Peephole on metal doors?

Not really a must but I think it would be a good idea for home defense against people hiding right up against your door with a shotgun.

I like it, just a tiny little hole the eye can see through

Yes, please…

Just listen carefully if someone is there?.. I’m pretty sure that if you go afk for a couple of mins anyone waiting for you will give up.

That’s kind of what a window with bars is for… Plus even if you let someone in, how do you know they won’t whip out a shotgun once inside?

I would be for this if it allowed you to see the players name tag as well but as jonnymad said this alone wont stop naked people just camping your door with a shotgun hidden away in some fecal passage. Always make multiple exits and have windows with bars overlooking them, at least you cant be trapped in by a solo player then.

This would help a shit ton, you don’t even realize how many times i’ve had a problem with a guy bearing a shotgun up to my door and I didn’t even realize it…

Actually, a peephole scope made with glass and some metal frags would be a nice way to be able to see outside the house, without people seeing on the inside.

It could be accessed with a contextual menu like the enter code stuff. It would actually be a nice feature. Using the glass peephole could actually provide you with some more field of view than a simple hole. and would prevent people from scouting the inside of the house.

As for hearing, footstep sounds are currently worse than ever to be honest. Right now I can’t hear footsteps until someone is actually within a couple of meters., not even a faint sound, nothing at all. When they’re within a few meters however, they sound like elephants.