Pegassi Ruffian - GTA5 Motorcycle

I don’t post here, like at all, but here’s a motorcycle model I ported from GTA5 for SFM because there’s not enough good motorcycle models.

Click here for the SFM Workshop link.

This model features custom coloring for the body panels, frame, wheels and wheel pinstripes, all independent of each other. To color them, you must Add Override Materials to the bike by right clicking on it, adding override materials, then show the model in Element Viewer (right click > show in Element Viewer > model). Expand the materials and select the appropriate part you want to color; you will see a color interface already set up. Simply click on the pre-existing color there, and select the color you want. Easy.

Also on the color front, the 3 skins are for changing the color of the “Pegassi” decals on the side of the gas tank.

The model features bones for controlling most of the bike, including the front suspension, the rear suspension (swingarm), the handlebar assembly (for turning the front wheel), the clutch and brake levers, the rear brake pedal and shifter pedal, and an added kickstand. There is also a bodygroup for a “Fender Eliminator Kit”, removing the license plate and turn signals.

Is there a way to export GTAV models to 3ds max? I mean, just asking, I might as well make something useful out of my copy of the game.

Then use Kam’s Scripts to import to Max.

That’s one way of doing it, it seems. But that’s not how I did it. If anyone has paid attention to the GTA5 modding scene lately, you’ll have seen that there’s a literal shit ton of vehicle mods being made for the game now. The reason for this is that the modelling program “Zmodeler 3” has recently released a version with native import/export support for the RAGE engines model files. It’s as easy as import the model, export to .3ds

Of course, Zmodeler cost money though.