Peleliu Beachhead

I really like these Marine models. It’s about time we’ve gotten some pretty decent looking ones at that! I only wish we’d get some with rolled sleeves and un-bloused pants. That would be complete in my eyes.

Anyway, enjoy this semi-scenebuild. Inspired by The Pacific.

Open it up in a new tab to see the full image. It’s a stitch that I screwed up on a bit with the precision so I tried to fix it up as best as I could given what I had to work with. Think I did a good enough job in that regard.

Half expected to see SergereantJoe’s IJAs here :smiley:

You rebel, you just couldn’t have a link to the full image, could you?

It looks stunning, great work as always. Now make it into a comic :v:

weird seeing these models I worked on three years ago being used again all of us-sudden.

They’re actually really good, even today. A few more refinements and they could be perfect (more heads and some different gear variations perhaps). Other than that, it was a worthy release. I had been waiting to use these models for the longest time too.

fantastic work!

As usual, Jim gave us a really nice pic !