Pelican sailplane

Here is my new sailplane. like my previous plane, it too, has no thrusters. It uses only fins and hyros.
This one is prettier but not quite as agile.

like it? I’ll release if you want


I’d like to see a video as well, but otherwise it looks fairly bland. If it operates well, your next step should really be upping the looks.

Yep, I’d like to see a video too.

How well does it fly?

Same stuff here. Vid plox.

Ill make a vid tomarrow.

It’s still pretty damn ugly…

To the guy above who I didn’t bother to quote, most glider planes are ugly.

Never insult the mech god. He speaks the truth, it is pretty ugly but all his planes fly good, also NEVER use the Headcrab canister as a nose. :eng99:


(these are 2 canisters anyways fff)

^ Holy crap nice.

Also, @OP, does this thing have any wire on it?

Headcrab canisters are FTW

here is the plane I was trying to replicate. I modified the wings for stability.

You need to learn how to parent stuff.

Incredibly different.

One is a glider, the other is not. The plane was based on the style, its doesn’t say exact replica. nice job on your glider, it looks much better than your other. If you want some help learning how to parent sometime send me a PM and ill help you out.

I personally dislike parenting because if you do something wrong then thats the end. I usually only parent the LS on my spacebuild craft

If you do something wrong then you’re not very good at building.

you only parent it when your finished with the looks.

That’s called “Backup dupes” or “Wip dupes”.

(about 85% of all my dupes are wip dupes lol)

That plane involved 5 wip dupes

And yet you didn’t parent anything