Pelican VTOL

EDIT: PICS!!!1!11!oneoneone
I made this in about a day of fooling around and flying around. About 3 hours of building, 99% of which was going “what looks good…” rather than work itself. Built it outta my head; ironically it looks like the retarded down-sydromed love child between an Orca bomber and a dying whale. Had a detailed cockpit and a prototype throttle control system, but both just added lag (and you see my fixed vantage point from the cockpit)

WASD controls, a nice pitching turbine sound from karbine’s tank pack, mouse for pitch and yaw/roll. A&D strafe (think bf2 heli controls). It has very limited mouse-roll (like 3 or 4 degrees if not strafing), and has a top speed of a whopping 60mph.
Armament is 2x 30mm boolit launchers and 2x 70mm rokkit lobbers.

Oh well enough yammering.

Imageshack is crapping out right now for me. I will post pics when it stops going kaput. Need feedback to get better as I still suck. I might release a download sometime, but I’m not really sure yet, since I bought the computer w/ steam account from a friend and because I haven’t seen if anyone likes it yet.

Oh hey I made a jeep too. I might have posted it before here, don’t remember. It feels familiar.

feel free to answer the poll. I post polls for firemen and strippers. :slight_smile:

BF2 helis didn’t strafe with A/D afair.

Can’t say anything about the looks right now, because the vid didn’t really show much of it. Try imagehost instead of imageshack.

The flight looks a bit weird tho, needs some smoothing. It jumps like a crazy dog.

<vtol fad, woo>

Giant robotic cat toy oh hell yes

That my good sir, is not a pelican, not even close.

I have a feeling he didn’t know about the Pelican from Halo.

Maybe he just used the name.

this. I saw the color and said “wtf I gotta name it something I say pelican”. I don’t play halo. And I know bf2 helis don’t strafe.

The flight jumping in the vid is because I made the controls really sensitive. I’m probably going to make another, more skinny one “antitank” one. I’m still getting the hang of modeling, and I don’t use pictures.

It’s not a fad XD. I posted it since I just made it a few days ago and I really need feedback. I made it separate from teh other one and need someone to go “DO THIS!” to make it better. I’m not yet at the “300 prop phx” level of l33tness.

This guy is really full of himself. This my friend looks nothing like my vtol, because my vtol does not look like shit.

I think it would be ten times better if you powered it and controlled it from the nacelles, instead of it just being pushed through the air by an unexplanable force. It doesnt quite look natural, The nacelles appear static (at least in the vid). If they are animated, increase their angling. Also, a phx based cockpit would do a lot of good. Lag is pretty easy to get around. I do it with karbines multi parent and “bone” props. Placing heavy bars in critical collision areas and using those as the physical base. Thats how I parented my P-38. Its at 60+ props thus far, without its missile and bomb hardpoints. Imploying that method, I can have about three spawned with no impact to lag, and they all collide pretty realisticly. There are probably even better ways to parent, but thus far that has been my new method, and its done me well.

also, giant robotic cat toy is go.

I fine-tuned your post for optimum ‘being listened too’ and reduced the chance of ‘OP repeating mistakes’
No need to thank me!

I’m sorry you don’t like it; I meant hte color and tone is similar, as well as the use of ducted fans. I KNOW it’s not great but I posted it because i’m trying to get better. Part of it is it’s the first flying thing I have made that handled half-decently and uses applyforce.
I really was just looking for suggestions and feedback.


Well, still waiting for pictures.

Flies like a pelican with bird flu

J/K! No, i meant the textures and fans; we used the same textures which I thought was weird since we came up with our stuff independently (grape mimes sink a bike!–that was a pun, for all ant tents and porpoises.)

I deliver.

Thank you! That was my intention! really I know.


Who’s going to make the huge cat?

It’s… uh… flat. Needs some sort of landing gear.

duly noted. I have a version with skids for carrying people, it’s like 3 more props and 6 seats, and you can sit on the seats, but it looks kinda weird. You think like fold-out claws would look good coming out of the body?