pelta class frigate( from starwars)

well I don’t know how to post pics on facepunch so here’s the link first picture on the right is the one I would like:
hey more than a model would be appreciated too. A Sent or Svehicle would be nice just’ sayin
(needs custom every thing!)
make one full size and one 1/2 size please if you need any more info just post questions
p.s sorry for lack of info

i guess no one going to help me

Might trying going to the Star Wars model thread and asking SGG49 'bout it.

didnt think about that one but i thought he just skins?

Naw, he’s been porting a bunch of stuff from many of the games.
If you can find a game that has a model of the frigate you’re lookin’ for, I’m pretty sure he should be able to do it, but I’d ask him first.

Warb_Null, a modeler from the Empire at War modding community created a Pelta Frigate. You might wanna ask him for permission and hopefully someone will convert it.

His thread on FileFront forums:

Note that he’s making models for an RTS game, so they are a bit low poly but good enough I think.

EDIT: Here’s the model itself;99872

thank you