Penaco's Club

Penaco’s Club is a gaming-community with a lot of great servers with lots of fun to offer! Penaco’s GMod servers are:

SandBox with IP:

Spanish TTT with IP:
Newbie TTT with IP:

Spanish RP with IP:
Newbie RP with IP:

And these are just the Garry’s Mod ones!
If you feel intrested or tempted to join Penaco’s Club or it’s awesome servers you can go to for more information and all servers.

Can you tell me, what that newbieRP is suppose to be?

Rolepay school?

Good one Liq.


Newbie RP is, almost like you said, a RolePlaying-Server for less experienced players. That does not necessarily mean that the server consist mainly of RDM’ers and other rule-breaking minges. I must say, though, that there are quite a lot sometimes.

Espanol? o que.

Se llama “TTT español” y “RP española” es como su nombre indica, los servidores españoles. Lo siento si yo era gramaticalmente incorrecto con esta respuesta, yo no hablo mucho español. :spain:

: D


Good servers, very nice admins.

Yeah, aren’t they? :smile:

always enjoyed playing on newbie server :smiley: btw its nick :wink:

Very fun server to troll because none of them understand English lol (Just pointing that out)

erm dude, theres a good amount of admins on the servers that speak good English now, but it is still a bit funny :smiley:

Depends on what server you’re on, in Spanish RP most people (as the name points out) mainly speak spanish. On newbie, though, most people speak english.