Pencil drawing for Rust:)

Tried to do a cool design for Rust:) Still looking for a key though but hopefully, I will get one soon:D Hope you guys and girls like it!

Bullets are too big. Back to the point, do you not read the other threads as this thread is useless when there’s already a thread ongoing that you can submit to.

I entered that, but I did not get a key as I think Garry has stopped giving them away and this picture wasn’t meant for that thread:)

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I’ve already submitted to that thread and I wanted to put something up:)

  1. Garry’s no the only one judging the competition.
  2. the other staff are Judging aswell and a matter of fact, it would seem a load of people just got keys from there entrys.

Is it still going on? I thought they ran out of key’s to giveout:/ SHould I post this picture in the thread?