Penis Ragdoll !

Decided to finally release this and made a silly ref/commercial sheet for the model as well lol. Go get your dong and have fun!


Well, I nearly spat the coffee I’m drinking everywhere, this’ll bring many more sex/troll poses.

That’s exactly the idea! I hope ya like it=)

“Compatible with the inflator tool”
Scary. :ohdear: Thought it was funny though.

Ah you released it. Perhaps this will improve the sex pose thread:smile:

After thinking a bit, why not to share=)

Put some hair on them balls.

Better to edit that in. Hair is not so easily removed as added.

Or make 2 versions. :v:

If the model had hair on the balls it would most likely look pretty off.
Actually, when my buddy was making this model i made textures for the balls where was hair but decided to leave them out. It’s better to give ppl the choice of adding it themselves=).

There is soda everywhere now.

I don’t think is a good to tag those picture next time.

Could you explain? I don’t quite follow…


ROFLMAO! I’m so proud of you! But could ya post this to the correct thread next time, yes?

I was looking for a good penis model.:love:

Well here ya go=)

This is the best model ever.

Optimistics for everyone

Realistic work mate!