Pensive Engineer

He has his own destiny, their own experiences …
So what is he thinking?

I like the sky :buddy:

I can’t see the images you upload for some reason.

I can.


Looks good, the smoke could be better though, otherwise, its fantastic.

I apologize for the smoke, and I’m not doing it xD
As for heaven, but turned out nice, I spent half an hour to find these brushes :smiley:

Needs a little blur around the hat but other than that it’s great.

Horrible aliasing.

Don’t use brushes to make smoke, its probably the easiest thing ever to hand draw.

Take a small/medium soft brush and the smudge tool and smudge it to look like its smoke. (Cigerette smoke)

And so I did but in 50% of cases, I get too bad smoke =)