Penumbra Glowstick

I need a model of the Penumbra Glow Stick, that illuminates a small area, and can be picked up like a weapon and held IN hand! So you do see the hand model, also if you have played the game, if you can! Make it slightly sway-able like in game, but not as much.

Also this is for a Mod I am making, so if you like can maybe just PM it to me so it isn’t out in public, and only in my mod?


what game is that from?

Gee, i dont know, maybe Penumbra?

Kind of what I wanted I don’t want it as a SENT or anything that is picked up using E I want it to be like your picking up the SMG or something.


Its just a prop :frowning:

Beat me to it.


Anyone willing to help me out XD!

We did.

What you’re asking for is a scripted entity/weapon, though.


This goes in the lua section.

This got nothing to do with skining or modeling ffs.


Dont bump without content…

What he wants isn’t even for the lua section its a scripted mod weapon, which is quite different to a lua SWEP (as far as I know).

I want it as a weapon just like the grav gun or what ever is a weapon, or I would REALLY like it if someone could code it in to so when you press F it takes out the glow stick