People and things fly over sauron and crew

you cannot stop me from making poses,

you cannot stop me. kysha

Its a shame.
You got those models?
Wish I would have them too.

Posing is awkward(flying gollum)
No edit.
Dude why not spend a little more time to your poses?

are you saying i dont deserve the models

No not kinda EXACTLY!
Dude your using those models for random stuff.
Other people could make epic stuff with it.
Can you do epic stuff too or just this random shit?

when ive recovered from a latest drunken spell of spamming out my poses maybe

in other words im going to sleep

when are those bloody models going to get uploaded on
cant you do it deathbucket?

Reminds me of the credit video azumanga daioh, where they were flying around in all harmony.

That’s them

Damn that’s the worst image i’ve looked at all day.

Go look at his other threads.

Okay Kiyasha!
But I want you to compensate me for any eye damage!

Bad angle, low graphics, typical minge pose.

…A: my graphics are max, these models are low res,
B: You’re an FPsdars alt, why am i even replying, you’re just a big trolly troll

hey look whos the troll


Hey, Deathbucket! There’s a thread just for you! It’s the one for shitty pictures that don’t deserve to clog up this thread! Why don’t you go their? You’ll have fun!

The_J_Hat likes ticks.
I like faces.
Deathbucket likes boxes.

since when were there palm trees in Mordor :v: or middle earth for that matter.

How am I a troll? It’s a bad pose, it’s bland and there’s hardly anything going on besides a bunch of dudes standing and a bunch of ragdolls in unrealistic flying positions in the sky. Do something more interesting next time.