"People are a disease, they make me sick. But I am the anti-virus"

Just trying to get this out there before I post anything new, which probably won’t happen anytime soon.

So I guess this guy has become some-what of a character for me seeing as I took the time to make two poses with him and probably more.

Enjoy or don’t, your choice.


the mask is fucked up, other than that, it’s ok.

The mask casts a square shadow.

Not sure why. Thanks though.

it looks like you erased the mouth away, for lack of a better way of describing it.


still nice though

Lol he’s wearing his mask the wrong way

The bloom is a little excessive.

I think I know why the mask is making a square shadow.
the model maker used the transparency trick and the original model was square looking


He is? :S

It would be very hard and impractical to hold a rifle like that.

I’m not in the business of practicality. :c00l:

You would be if you knew anything about rifles. :c00l:


In a shit pose like this one, no I wouldn’t.

take two pictures of the same guy, one with mask and one with it not on, then in photoshop paste them ontop of eachother then erase the dodgy shadow and it will look good

i think the graphics should be turned up, like the anti-aniliseing or watever.
however its still a good pose.

I think I see some jagged edges.

Did you have AA on?

One thing I noticed about models on white backgrounds, it really brings out even the smallest aliasing issues and makes them more apparent. For me at least.


Hehe, Somewhat lol.