People are Advanced Duping and Duping Printers!

I looked all over the internet so dont tell me to search it up.

People are using the Advanced Duplicator 2 and the Duplicator tools to dupe printers. From what I saw it was only Admin, Mods, and Super Admins. Users cant.

Please guide me step by step.

Thank you,

This does not belong in the developer discussion.

Add your money printer entities to the blocked toolgun interaction list in FPP

Well I got this for the coding

ENT.Type = "anim"
ENT.Base = "base_gmodentity"
ENT.PrintName = "Coal Money Printer"
ENT.Author = "Render Case and philxyz and Koolaidmini"
ENT.Spawnable = false
ENT.AdminSpawnable = false

function ENT:SetupDataTables()
	self:NetworkVar("Int", 0, "price")
	self:NetworkVar("Entity", 0, "owning_ent")

What would I type in the list?

You block it in your spawn menu… I believe it’s possible to do in your init file in the initialize hook by adding self.nodupe = true

Go to your tool gun menu and find FPP (Falco’s Prop Protection) and uncheck “Allow regular users to interact with world entities” under the tool gun blacklist

I’m not sure if the name is exactly “Allow regular users to interact with world entities” but its something similar!