People are buying/trading keys

Why does garry even let that happen, why doesn’t he just sell keys himself… Garry is losing out on a lot of bank from not selling alpha keys already.

From his blog.

That will make the first person of the day buy every single key available and resell them for even more than garry, lol

I’m sure they’ll put something in place that prevents people from buying multiple keys. But yeah Garry can’t really stop people from selling keys or accounts second-hand.

you ever consider garry is already rich and some guy making a buck or two won’t greatly offend him?

On steam, people sell games and shit all the time. You don’t see the devs bitching about it.

It doesn’t matter, he will still get the same amount of money he is asking for.

If garry is so rich, why would he be making a web browser game. lol

He’s not. Points to Helk and Pat

He isn’t making a web browser game. It’s only in browser is because they can update it faster and it’s multi-platform.

Because he feels like it.

Whether or not someone has more than one account does it even affect somebody elses gameplay? If anything it hinders them.

If said person buys every key, then resells 1 key over and over, then yeh, its gonna affect somebody elses gameplay lol

people that actually buy keys deserve to be scammed

people that sell them successfully in mass… that is god damn genius.

You’d be surprised just how many threads titled “DONT BUY FROM THIS GUY HE SCAMMED ME” popped up within the past few weeks.

and I bet I won’t be surprised by how much flame they get and “lol SERVES YOU RIGHT KID”

Pretty much spot on. But they deserve it like you said.


A limited amount of keys sold everyday? Fuck, I better make my body ready.

This kind of thing is so stressful. Hopefully I’m awake at the right time!