People are not downloading darkrp content?

So I own a darkrp server and i have noticed when people join in the f4, voting screen and door menu textures are all purple and black, they were not like this originally and i have no idea what happened. I have css and hl2 textures but still purple and black, any fixes?

Custom menus? If yes, make sure the materials of the menus are either on the workshop, or on the fastdl.

No, the only custom thing is the f4 menu. the vote and door menu are not custom, and they are broken.


try deleting your DarkRP workshop addon and unsubscribing from it in your addons folder on your pc. Then connect, and if you get missing textures it means you need to resource.AddWorkshop() the DarkRP addon

So I need to subscribe to a workshop addon and add it to my server? Other servers don’t need to do that.

they either do that or put the files on their fastdl server if they have one

Alright thank you so much :slight_smile: