People are still uploading Adv Dupes to the site.

Like seriously, i hope this kid was trying to troll me.
Else i spent my weekend doing nothing.

Other links i used.

First “Objection”


Images i used in order.

people are just ignorant

Sure, but to this extent is almost hilarious.

Just ban all of them from the site. Everyone always says on the site not to upload them. If one of them is trolling they’d need to get a new Steam account, spend another $10 on gmod, and then go on the site again. Most people don’t think it’s worth it.

I just think that it should be made very clear for everyone what you can and can’t upload and if anyone breaks the rules they’re banned. Zero tolerance.

Harry Troolerson more like Harry Toolerson

Can people read today? I’m pretty sure you don’t just ignore the yellow warning text under the big red text.

I’m sure Garry is just as aggravated as we are. He’s cooking something up, I can feel it.

Oh my god! That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on since Garry removed Disqus! Ecksdee!

Typical human reactions. Ignorance. Stupidity. And the inability to read. is INDEED NOT for sharing contraptions. 12yrs old kids think its funny. Or cool… I don’t know what is cool in “i mad dis bakgrund in five minuts yeterday for teh lulz”. The whole background consists from a crappy pose, and nothing else. Sometimes with the name of the author. This is dusturbing. Or the shitty 5-second contraptions dubbed “cool”.

Now the only thing remains a question is that will all the dupes be removed? I guess not.

Yeah… This is a very good rule that needs to be enforced. Banning is needed. Once people see that people are getting banned for breaking a simple rule, I bet they will quit. Shitty that I can’t download from in the first place.


Yeah, not many trolls or morons want to have to buy Gmod again on another account so they can upload to

Since it contain E2 ,it 's fine (Because new players / trollers / kids / people who doesn 't read rules don 't know how to code them)

Also , we need a big REPORT button to allow easier work for moderators
Random reports would be banned

Suprisingly, I do.

So what is wiremod? I keep having to download it from some online gmod servers to play on them. What is it?

It’s not just like we could make the red text even bigger

Where? In the rules? Theres no red text in this topic.

why are adv dupes illegal?

OK… I didn’t want to ask this, but it just annoys me… what IS adv dupes in the first place?

advanced duplications i believe

that is, duplications of full contraptions

The term “illegal” implies a law is being broken.

But yes, it is against the rules.