People Are Strange, When You're A Stranger

Another image by me! Made with Adobe AE and GIMP. The picture was based on this The Doors song. Hope you like it.


C&C is appreciated!

if you just zoomed in on Breen a bit more and improved your posing it’d be really quite good

Yeah, posing isn’t really my strong side. It’s usually the most difficult and longest thing to do, when I’m making a picture. I also happen to lack good models (I’m pretty bad at finding any), so I made what I could with what I had

If you are looking for classy models, you should download some PERP stuff, they have suits, cops and just normal people models.

i don’t know. looks almost like he’s … doing the moonwalk.

wow love this and great song winner for you

Thank you! I got the concept/idea from this pic

Which is the album cover from The Doors - People Are Strange