People are the most valuable resource

So I thought I’d share a little story from one of my first days of playing Rust (Yesterday)

I was wandering around, learning the the game the hard way, as I like to do. I was wearing a couple kevlar pieces, an MP5 and a hatchet, feeling rather confident. I wandered into factory radtown, killed a couple of zombies and my rad levels were quickly rising. I had read that once you hit 500 rads, your HP drops until it hits 1. Well, I was about to learn, the hard way, that this was incorrect. I was already running away from the area as fast as I could, seeing as how my health was dropping rapidly. The last time I checked my rad count was just under 1300.

After I respawned, I quickly made my way back to my corpse to recover all my good stuff and resources. There were 4 people on the server at the time (which is why I was bold enough to venture so far from my base) and lo and behold, there was a naked fella standing over my corpse. I ran up and opened my backpack, at which point he whipped out my pipe shotgun and killed me with it.

After I respawned, I put some comments in the chat, about how he was a dick for killing me and looting my corpse. I ran back to my corpse to see if there was anything still on it. There was, but I didn’t have time to pick anything up before a zombie was trying to eat my brain.

After I respawned, I ran back once more, this time I saw my killer on the road before I got there. In my fury, I whipped out my rock and tried hitting him. I missed, and he whipped out my pipe shotgun again and started shooting me. I decided a tactical retreat was in order, and he was chasing me, shooting and missing as I was zig-zagging and bunnyhopping. I tried running towards zombies to see if they would aggro him, to no avail. He wasted a lot of ammo, but not all of it, unfortunately.

After I respawned, I ran back again. By now I was engaged in a drawn-out debate about the dickishness of my killer, and I seemed to be making some headway as he started to agree that yes, it was kind of a dick move. I got back to my corpse and recovered a hatchet and a couple of resources he’d left behind.

Eventually he apologized for his dickishness, although he had semi-reasonable justification, mainly that he didn’t know it was my corpse and the old “better to shoot than get shot”. He offered me my things back, but since he was new on the server I told him to keep it. I was doing ok, and I’d rather someone new to server get my loot than someone who was well established.

Well, five minutes later I was back to farming resources. Suddenly he asked if the bolt action rifle was any good. I told him it was supposedly the best gun in the game. He said he had found one and wanted to give it to me! He didn’t want to be a dick. So we met up, I grabbed the rifle, told him to keep the ammo, ran to my house and used a research kit on it, and gave the rifle back.

The moral of the story is: It doesn’t always pay to be an asshole, and not everyone is an asshole. It’s much better for you in the long run to make a friend and ally than killing everyone you see for the instant gratification of a few resources and maybe a weapon or two.

I’ve been adamant that I won’t became a KOS’er in this game, and while it’s sometimes hard to not shoot the people I occasionally see farming my valley, and it’s frustrating to suddenly hear a gunshot and die, having an experience like this makes it that much easier to stay cool and friendly.

Agreed. I love the tension of PvP encounters where you have to quickly assess to help, ignore, or if a firefight is about to break out. I’ve had a couple great experiences so far. One of which I was out slaying zombies and came across a nakid noob being chased by a wolf. Rather than killing him, I shot the wolf with my P250. All of his running however had aggro’d Noah’s Ark, and I soon unloaded all of my ammo into several wolves and two bears.

Having exhausted all my ammo, one bear still remained. Another equipped player came over with a shotgun, my stomach dropped. Had I just tried to help someone only to die at the hands of this guy? Dang it. Why had I left myself defenseless for this noob. To my surprise, he finished off the bear instead. The nakid thanked us both and everyone went on their way.

I’ve also been passing out blueprints for things I already have to new players, so that’s been pretty sweet as well.

making friends in this game has got the be the single best strategy to surviving. Any time you can spit up the work load, or double the work output is a plus. Since typically each player has their own play style and interests in game it can be very useful. In my group we have one guy who would be on during the day, farming up resources and adding to our apartment complex. When id get on id farm up more resources and get to crafting explosives. When all of us are on we do some base raiding. We arent really dicks though and have been trying to give the new guys an easier time. Some of them are growing up though and are soon going to be expected to play with the big boys. Typically we dont KOS on the server, and typically if someone does they are met with a group of full kevies with M4s and an itching to blow something up. The other guys have tried to actually stop a raid on a noobies house before. The other night a friend got KOS’ed, we found the guys in the field raiding another house, dead, that night went to their base, looted everything of value, then put our own doors up to protect the rest. But i do have to give the little troopers credit, they didnt leave the server and are still sticking around, making more friends. Which brings us back full circle to the subject of the post

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on another side note, it could be possible that after all the fun and excitement of PVP, a lot of players are becoming more friendly. Realizing how much it sucks to be alone and new in this game