people been eating there carrots?!

Seriously I’ve been killed 5/6 times in the pitch black when the enemy has no light of any sort either? I can’t see anyway to change gamma so is this a hack or is there a gamma option?


I don’t own the game but there’s always some people who hold a light source for example a flare next to them and wonder why they’re visable, just saying, not always the smartest thing to do :wink:

A lot of people turn up their brightness, which I think is horrible :S

Brightness or some hackers have gone through the effort of making ESP/Chams

I heard its a gamma setting on the video card that people crank up.

Gamma up. :v:

Hey barney stinson!

Also maybe you had the flare bug were lit up and didn’t even know it.

The problem is that flares and flashlights are bugged … even if u put them off they might appear visible to some other players… best is to never use flares/ flashlights or just relog after using them


I’m not sure why that’s horrible. My vision at night is a helluva lot better than not being able to see anything at all. And I’m sure the devs don’t mean for different shades of dark grey to be indistinguishable on some people’s monitors. It sucks until they get around to allowing everyone to adjust it for themselves, but not being able to see anything at night (outside of an eclipse) is silly.

I’m guessing you’re used to playing DayZ? The nights being so dark in that is actually a limitation from ARMAII and is one of the reasons for building a standalone version.

on streams people turn on their gamma to see better at night

Just think it’s a bit unfair when people turn their gamma up a lot, when some people don’t do it at all, that’s all :slight_smile:
And nope, never played DayZ :slight_smile:

It’s a choice. I could turn up my brightness, but on the other hand, I’m too lazy to do it.

Yeah, guess so.
It’s just that you kind of have to do it so you’re not at a disadvantage :slight_smile:

Turns out the carrot thing is a total myth and they don’t actually improve eyesight. BOOM Droppin’ knowledge on yo asses.

it was a joke you idiot

Everyone should also start hacking so they dont have a disadvantage.

But no where near as many people hack like they turn up gamma :slight_smile: