People can build in zones even if not priviledged

So today I logged on to London 1 I have a base next to snow rad and someone managed to stairs and shit all around my base inside the “privileged zone”, which is odd because I knew for sure no one had access to it, luckily for me they couldn’t get any further due to stability issues.

I went and checked all my neighbors homes and they however were not so lucky, they managed to get into their bases and it was obvious they had built into the privileged zone on their bases too.

So the question is how are they building in zones they don’t have the relevant permissions to so is it hacks, glitches or maybe a bug in the code?

I know for sure that no one had access to my cupboard and they literally built right next to it, bare in mind I have 1000+ hours in game so I know what i’m doing when it comes to base building.

The TC area goes up from whatever floor it’s placed on. If your foundations are too high, they can put a TC on the ground and build.

there was no tc’s anywhere

What he means is: If you place a TC on the 3rd floor. People can now build from the base floor all the way up to the 3rd floor. So the proper solution is to make a TC on the 3rd floor first (to make sure its prio 1) and then add a second TC on the base floor to prevent laddering/towering.

TLDR: TC’s dont control the area below them anymore.

the cupboard is not working down, only up. so if your base is on a rock, people can make ladders and climp up. but if you have a cupboard on the ground then they cant buildt ladders. also if your cupboard is on a (hill) is not working. so its importen to place the cupboard low as you can

my tc is on the foundations though, I tried replicating what they did… they are either bug abusing or hackers, one or the other.

this is hackers account who does all that, and he got building right next to gas tank on london 1, ive been looted through walls by this hacker, he also uses speedhack and all other stuff, reported him couple of times, but no action has been taken

You can build inside a radius if you are standing outside of it. I noticed this last patch, but even just that few metres gives you the capability to climb into places you shouldnt be able to.

Nah cushie, this dude built stairs right next to my tool cupboard, you’d have to see it to believe it.