People Can Still spawn sweps. DarkRp


I’m starting up a new DarkRP server. I had some friends join the server and search for bugs and errors with my editing. I was using Citrus as an admin mod. I selected Restrict sweps , it said " Gamemode Must Be Sandbox" or something like that. I even used the command rp_adminsweps 1 . but everyone could spawn weapons freely.

I want my players to be able to use sweps, but just not be able to spawn them out of the menu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

If anyone has time can you add a basic vehicle shipment Lua line. I wanna add some special unique vehicles to my server too. i do have a brain for Lua editing.

Thank You for Reading.

I don’t believe Citrus is the most appropriate admin for Dark RP. ULX or ASS Mod should be your choice.

Why , i thought Citrus was one of the best ?? With its many plugins and stuff. Its easy to use aswell.

Can you list , adminmods for me to try. Please :slight_smile:

New Admin

Ass mod and ULX are the most favored for Garry’s Mod.

Do you have any Idea why players can freely spawn props. :smiley: Thanks for Help so far

Spawning props an be eaisly fixed by turning down the prop limit or making an lua code that only gives the admin capability to do so.

Sorry I said Props , I meant Sweps.

oh and do you have a vehicle shipment line for Lua.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: