People cannot connect.

So I made a new server, and some people can join. It is my own custom game mode which puts players in a town inhabited by zombies, but it is RP. Some people can join, but others cannot. Some just get kicked while downloading server files, and for others it just does not appear on the server list.

IP is

Map is zombiesurvival_b5 if anyone happens to connect and wants to play.

Well this could be many things.

  1. Shity Network
  2. Poorly made admin mod
  3. Server content could be messed up
  4. Addons are making the server act up

1). Post your upload & Download rate here. So we can see what your speed is.
2). Just try another admin mod.
3). Update Server content.
4). Remove every addon and see what will happen.

You didn’t port forward the server right. Goto and port forward. :buddy:

Dude, just causes headaches. You need 27015, 27020, 27039, 27005 UDP & TCP open.