People Cant connect to my server (SteamCMD)

Hello everyone,
People cant connect to my server, we’ve tried the connect command in the console and putting :27015 or other ports behind it, this is the server startup log

And ive portforwarded this

But still, people cant connect, With errors like Couldnt connect after 4 retries and Server not responding.

Looks like you’ve port-forwarded for, when your server log says your local IP is If that’s not the problem, have you tried googling it and fixing the obvious things? (i.e. setting sv_lan to 0)

Yeah, this is my cfg
// server name
hostname “Bullets server”

// rcon passsword
rcon_password “”

// Server password
sv_password “”

sv_lan 0

There are passwords, but i removed them for the post

and i cant change the Local ip, i think

On your router you forwarded the wrong IP address.
If, after you fix the IP addresses, people still can’t join you, try turning off your firewalls or adding exceptions to them.