People cant join my server

I have problem becouse people cannot join my server. Can u tell me why ? :slight_smile:

Open your ports.

27015 is it this one?

Yes, or if you choose a custom one it could be anything, but i greatly doubt you did. So yes, 27015…

I have this problem aswell, although I’ve actually forwarded my ports.

Go download a copy of non-commercial LogMeIn Hamachi and have your friends do the same. (This IS legal, btw)

Create a network and tell your friends your network’s network name and password (if it has one). Also tell them your Hamachi “fake IP”, which is the number printed across the top of your Hamachi window.

Start GMod and make sure the LAN game box is un-checked. You could also set sv_lan to 0.

Start a server.

Tell your friends to use the “connect” command followed by your fake IP, and then followed by :27015

For example, if you were joining my server, you would use:


Of course this will be different from what your friends will have to use.

I heard somewhere though, that if you want to play on your server your suppose to open port 27016. I used 27016 for my dedicated server.