People cant join my server

i really dont understand why this is happening but i try to make a server by clicking start new game and then clicking the multilayer button to which i create a server, but for some reason my friend cant join it says “server is busy” or something like that.
does gmod not let you make local srevers?

You need to make a dedicates server. But if you playing on the same internet/modem (or sumin like that) then just click in the “Local server” box. (I’m not sure if its called that, but its something with “Local server”)

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And I think he maybe need to look in “LAN” if you guys are in the same modem/internet,

dude me and my friend just tired it and he tired to join and it says “server not responding” after i sent him an invite

You wouldn’t happen to be using a desktop, and a home internet connection to make a server, would you?

Stop sending him local ip’s lol’s.

You need to port forward 27015 UDP/TCP

Once done, send him the IP and post results.

whats a port forward? and how do i do that?

Go to your internet brower. In the URL box type vary slightly). Sign in with something like

just check your routers site for default logins.

Once in look for gaming or just porrt forwarding somewhere in the router.

When you find it the most important thing to know is your LOCAL ip. Now if your on a laptop google how
to make a static ip, if your on a desktop forget it.

Go to command prompt and type in ipconfig

Itll show you stuff whatever your ip is use that.

In the router press like New Service or similar.

For ip do what you saw in cmd. Ports 27005 to 27015

Do that for TCP and UDP.

Hope i helped