People complaining about solo difficulty.

This goes to all the people complaining about the game being difficult as a lone wolf.

In an ideal world survival would be easy, resources would be plentiful and war would be non-existant, however this is not an ideal world, this is rust as such conflict is inevitable, resources are both limited and gathering them is risky whilst also time consuming.

Rust was by no means meant to be an easy environment to survive in, that doesn’t mean you cannot survive it though. In order to be successful you must be strategic, organized and make use of that brain that you were born with.

My play style is also lone wolf this is not because I am unsociable I just know that me, myself, as a player I’m pretty good at what I do. If you are not good at what you do then did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe the lone wolf play style is not best suited to you as a player and to put simply maybe you just suck at SURVIVING all together, after all this is the purpose of the game to survive by any means possible and that might just be having some sort of companionship with other players.

To put it short if you can’t handle the game as a lone wolf and playing as a group does not meet your needs then consider playing a different game, this game is not aimed at lone wolves it is aimed at survivors if you fail to survive then you are not a survivor, it is not fair on every person to dumb down the game because then the game just becomes terrible, in fact at that point the game does not become a survival sandbox game the game then becomes child’s play and everything is spoon fed to you.

This game does not cater more to a specific group, it caters to everyone but sometimes you have to go beyond your usual protocol to survive, as a president of the united states didn’t once say, We choose to play rust, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

The most important line to take away from this.

Yes that should be the TL;DR version.

Bravo. That’s exactly the way I see Rust. If someone is unable to survive, it doesn’t mean the game is broken or imbalanced. It means that person doesn’t have what it takes to hack it. To those people, I would recommend moving to a less populated server where they can actually learn to play the game. Dumbing the game down to cater to a small number of people can’t figure out how to play makes it boring and uninteresting to those that can think outside the (sand)box and adapt to the game.

No one is complaining it is too difficult. We are saying it is too grindy and not fun. Grinding out barrels for hours, and standing in front of trees is not fun.

Think of it this way:

There is a cheap Asian MMO that is incredibly grindy and not fun. It takes days and days of boring grind to progress. <— notice how I never said it was too hard?

It is easy to survive as a solo player. And it’s too grindy.

It was grindy before the update, not sure where the problem is?

The problem is it is grindy.

They need to change the loot/barrel/progression system so it’s not so grindy. It’s not fun. If you have players teaming, you can reduce the grind a lot - which means the game still sucks for a solo player.

Yeah, it’s not the update that caused this.

it’s gotten significantly more grindy in the last months

This update just made the grind even more of grind taking into count the new metal requirements

So the problem is basically you don’t want to work for stuff, you want it easily available so you can skip past that and focus on raiding, looting, and killing?

You are totally missing the point. Think of a ridiculously bad grindy MMO - people don’t have fun because the game is designed wrong, not because they want everything instantly.

The problem hasn’t changed since the last patch. That’s the problem. Garry has acknowledged this though so I’m sure we’ll see changes in this regard sometime (hopefully soon) when they figure out what they want to do instead of barrel hunting.

It isn’t about effort though, it’s about the sheer randomness of it all. You could farm for a day and get lucky, or you could farm for a week and still not get anything good. Group play helps counter this, but it’s still a nuisance even with help.

How is it designed wrong if that’s part of the game play?

What does that mean? The game play is part of the design. What you said was basically the equivalent of saying “How is it designed wrong if that’s part of the design?” Zipper, cinder, and the others are just saying that the direction the game’s design is taking is simply placing too much emphasis on resource gathering/other boring, grindy crap.

You said,

“people don’t have fun because the game is designed wrong”

…I was assuming you were referring to the part of the game design for gathering… the grindy part.

Gathering is part of the game play no?

I get you think it’s boring… it is… but that’s part of the game play is it not?

So again…how is it designed wrong if grinding (better?) is part of the game play?

There are modded servers that make quick work of the grinding so you can loot and raid and blow shit up, which is also part of the design of the game play.

The only thing that bothers me as a solo player is not the grind, but the fact that since they are promoting ‘compound’ type buildings, I have to spread out and work on defending a large area even though I like having a smaller, more conservative base. The fact that there is a no build zone around jacks and quarries as well as the the fact that most of the new items can only be placed on the ground means that I have to spend time and resources just to defend these. Though clans can build a massive wall in a few hours around this, it takes a lot more time for me to do the same. Big groups will always have an advantage, but the game should not be geared towards specifically group play either.

I don’t understand why they even bother with a “no build” zone. Players just build out of, and around the “no build” zone so why bother?

IMO, the compound wall was added because most clans like to build walls around their territory anyway.

I was able to experiment some with the quarry recently, and I found that it actually processes pretty quickly. Assuming you didn’t set up base in a well traveled area, (I know sometimes it’s hard to avoid) you should be able to throw up a quarry in a spot that gives you sulfur and HQM and just periodically loot it during the night or whatever without worrying so much about walling it off. If you can find a good hiding spot you won’t have to wall it off, although it does require a bit of planning and luck with the survey charges.

Garry knows they’re going to build walls around it anyway, the goal was to simply make it a bit more difficult to completely encapsulate it, which I believe he succeeded in. Now if he could do a couple more passes on the construction mechanics maybe we could get some seamless compound walls on terrain other than the hangar area flatland.

The no build-zone may be to prevent mass farms of them thrown up next to each-other. Forcing players to spread them out a little bit. I don’t see the reason why it should be hard to encapsulate them though. That just encourages massive structures/spike fences which end up lagging the server I think. I would rather see the no-build zone around them only apply to other resource gathering structures (Quarry, pump, etc.) . Make them the size of a 1x2 foundation and have other foundations able to be placed off them (or fit into a 1x2 size gap in foundations). Of course only able to place them on the ground since they have to extract from the land.

Join a modded server. That should solve your grinding issue. You have servers with 5x-20000x gathering. Good luck :slight_smile:

I play on a vanilla server, and have been going out solo. I had a gun already from before the patch, but I used it last night and got 3 more AKs from killing clan members. I also broke into a clans mining quary and stole 300 high quality metal ore. I’m having more fun playing solo now than I did before this patch!