People connect and disconnect

This is what happens:

i am sure that players download the map when they join, but what happens is that when in the console it says “Someone has connected” Nobody joins the server… it looks like the guy is waiting for something… and then it says disconnected

I dont say that it happens to all players, for example: 20 players join and only 4 comes

What can be the issue

That means they left. It’s probably because your download is so slow; do you have FastDL?

But it isin’t i asked the people that could, they said it was pretty fast

Well i got a fastDL from the workshop

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Please guys, i really need help with this

They’re just leaving; there’s nothing to it.

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I dont think so


It happened to me now!

When i join it says script errors and disconnect however in my server console says nothing about script errors
Just says that i connected and disconnected no errors

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I think i fixed it :slight_smile:

This is solved