People crash on join. Need help!

Hello guys,
Its so irritating everytime people join in 50% of them crash (their whole game -> hl2.exe). I don’t know how or what is the problem, nothing special in my logs. Only say they disconnect. The server is 24/7 and running at the moment so yeah…
A few others don’t crash, i do have FastDL and i’ve downloaded the map and skins from my server because i was too lazy to put it in my own folder. No problems for me and a few others.


Let them first start singleplayer and then join your server, worked for people on my server…

It doesn’t work they still crash…
I need a solution to fix it, anyone?

Yes, i am experiencing this same problem on my server, any ideas on a fix??

Try the server without any addons whatsoever. If it runs, then disable one addon at a time untill you find the one thats causing the issues.