People Crash Seconds After Joining.

Hello i am Mr. TK from Red City RP (i am Co-Owner), For Some reason, and i dunno why when people join my server, they crash moments later, and it strangely happens after i join. i restart update and it does nothing.

My server Provider is Xenon, and i have restarted/update the server 3 times today, and ontop that i hafta keep re-dl’ing the files when joining.

The dling files when joining thing is because Xenons fastDL doesn’t work, it says you are downloading them but in reality you are not.

Thanks, but what about my Join Crash Problemo?

Update gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper? never heard of it.

Yeah great Double Post, anyway i just need to know what’s Gatekeeper, how do i access it, and how do i update it.
This crashing problem is really annoying.

It’s on your mod installer in the control panel.

well when i looked it wasn’t there, i asked the owner about it, he said we longer have it because evolve doesn’t need it. What do i do now?

Provide us with a list of addons and Lua modules you have installed. A full list.

i took pictures of them.

(they’re links)

EDIT: Links Fixed.

All of your Materials/models/Sound lua must be in base folders (e.g garrysmod/sounds) for the sounds. If they are not there, then xenon will just download them to a temporary file.

Which is a very bad way to do it, seeing as the end user doesn’t want to have to extract all their addons to specific folders and ensure the details are correct.

i have sorta solved the problem for now, people dont crash anymore as far as i know of, i removed PAC. and it started to work.

but, i have a slight feeling it will happen again soon.