People crash with "HL2.exe stopped working" when they try to join my server.


When people is trying to join my server, they need to download a addentities.lua file. (Yes its DarkRP).

But then, their GMOD crashes with “Hl2.exe stopped working correctly”.

How can i fix this problem?

I’m no GMOD god, but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the server files.

Yes i know.
Its a listen server, from a GSP.
Of course, they inform me that its a script-error and they can not help me with that.

What i did was that i transferred a gamemode (DarkRP) from a working server to another working server, (i have ftp access to both), but then it wont work on the server i transferred the gamemode to.

Any suggestions please?

Too many addons?

Maybe that has something to do with the map, with map are you using ?

Go into Steam, then into properties, then into advanced, then go to the box in advanced and type-

That should work.

So everyone of the players playing on my (listen) server, should use the -dxlevel 81 command line? I dont think so.

Thanks a lot for all your support. I figured out that it was fastDL that was the problem. (Cache)

Oh, you don’t? Ok then, just a sugesstion