People crashing when joining my server.

I own a DarkRP Server and about 5% of the people who try to join cannot do so because they get “hl2 has stopped working”. This happens to them whenever they finish sending client info and are about to spawn in. Keep in mind, this only happens to very few people and it just started happening today. The only thing i have done today to my server is add an inventory system and a loading screen. I don’t see how this could affect anything.

Well, anything you do can cause clients to crash, attempting to add an inventory or loading screen could also mess clients up. If it’s only a very few number of people, then how do you know it’s not merely a client issue? If you really want to get to the root of the problem, you can check your server’s console for any errors that are reported. If none are reported, then try removing the inventory and loading screen system and see if that rectifies the problem; if it doesn’t, then chances are it’s just a Garry’s Mod issue.

Yes i realize that this could be a client issue, but like i said this has not been happening until today (One of my Admins is now having this problem), so i don’t think it is a client issue. Unfortunately because whenever they spawn they get “hl2 has stopped working” there is no way for them to tell me the errors that they are getting in console. I also don’t know how this could be a server side issue because only some people are getting this. I have no clue what could be happening.

Again, I suggest you remove the recent changes, if possible, or just revert to vanilla and see if the issue persists. If it doesn’t, then look at the code you added and see if it implements something that could be breaking on certain occasions.

Yeah, i will try to take the inventory system out and the loading screen out and see what happens.