People don't know about stuff...

So this is the deal, often, usually every day I see a post in the forum that says “what’s this, when’s that?” If it’s been told somewhere, like in the devblogs, it annoyes me. For example today I saw a post about when wipes are, well wipes are in the first week of the month, that was told in and, so I don’t get it, why do you ask questions that were answered in the news? Why don’t just follow the updates?

People are generally lazy and don’t do any research. Often, if they actually bothered searching, they would have found their answer more quickly than the time it took to write their posts.

Because even after all these years, some people STILL don’t know what google is.

Creating a stickied thread with links to the devblog and rustafied would help. Maybe.

Some of it is laziness. Some is poor organization for the game. I read every update yet had to look at a few posts to figure out about the big wipe tomorrow. Not saying that’s a bad thing - but consider what it’s like for someone new to the game. For some key things that are now “normal” or “regular” new people have no idea where stuff is sometimes and it’s not like searching is always useful/helpful.

Hell, I’ve been playing the game since it came out but first time I actually went to Rustified or heard of it.

Just saying… looking at the number of posts you guys have vs others. Obviously you’re around more. Sure, some people could search more. But it’s dirt easy to add some reminders of upcoming stuff to the top that would take 5 minutes to add to the front page.

It does not help when:

a) You got wipes at the start of the month
b) wipes on the development servers
c) wipes on the private servers

Example: I play on server x two weeks ago. This server wipes the map ( because most of the smaller players left after getting there bases raided over and over again. And only a few big clans are left = makes for dull gameplay. ).

A week and half later then comes the official wipe. It does not exactly give the feeling of “continuity and security”. Because all your efforts feel like wasted time. So people feel insecure about when a wipe will happen and like to be sure if its still useful to wast time playing, when all your resource gathering will be lost anyway in a few days time.

I’ve run web sites for private business and military for the last 20 years. I can tell you for a fact that the FAQ and help pages are the least viewed pages on any site I’ve run. I could even have info in big, red letters on the front page and would still have people calling me asking me for info that if they had taken 20 seconds of their time to actually read the goddamn page in front of their eyes, they wouldn’t have needed to take 5 minutes of out of our collective time to call and ask.

Bottom line is that most people are lazy and expect others to provide the answers for them.

Completely agree. Every game forum I’ve hung out on has had stickies for important updates and events. Every game forum I’ve hung out on is also infested with lazy people who automatically scan past those stickies to the new thread button and ask about the exact stickied info. Stickies don’t work.

Probably a raider :slight_smile:

50% lazy people / 50% lazy facepunch, (not having a beginner’s guide, frequently ask questions section, better documentation, etc).