People downloading crap things

So, i play on a friend’s server. He haves a bunch of skins. So when i joined his server for the first time, i had to download a bunch of skins and useless models. But when i create a server and call people to it, they have to download that crap, even if i don’t have any addon or stuff. How do i prevent people from downloading things i don’t use?

Go to your Garrysmod folder, and look at the “Models” and “Materials” folders.

Just delete some of useless files you have for maybe some Sweps that you don’t use, or playermodels.

Hopefully you don’t have a comp that has fifty weapons in the other tab.

Yeah but when i’m going to play on my friend’s server again i’m going to need to download this shit again, don’t i?

Yes, but other than that I can’t really help you.

Maybe you should post in the Models/Skins forum, they might be able to help you.

Tell him in person that nobody wants his skins. If he takes it too personally, he never really was your friend and was one of those little bitches that use people.

Tell him how he can install them client-side so only he can see them, but other people can’t.

This is for every server. Everything i download from a server, people need to download from my server.

Have 2 different setups?

Not a bad idea. I agree with Maurice. You could just have 2 garrysmod folders. Whenever you’re making your own server you just gotta switch garrysmod folders. And whenever you’re going on your friends, switch garrysmod folders. Thing is, this idea will take up more space on your harddrive, but not that much. Or you could try don’t download any custom files from the server, though that could cause ERRORs missing textures, scripts not working and a bunch of other bugs.

i have two folders, one for singleplayer the other for multiplayer.
Basically one has all the stuff for servers and the other for my random shit.

Guys, guys…

there is an option in the Gmod menu that lets you bypass downloading custom files…

Options>>Multiplayer>>“Don’t download custom files”

Just tell any friend that wants to join your server to do that