People dying on spawn, respawn script and server crash...


So I made a fretta based simple gamemode.

On a map, called gm_parallax, many people if not everyone is dying when spawning…

So I tryed to make a work arround which is this :

function GM:PostPlayerDeath( ply )
	if GetGlobalFloat("RoundStartTime",CurTime()) + 20 > CurTime() and (ply:Team() == TEAM_PEDOBEAR or ply:Team() == TEAM_VICTIMS)then
		ply:AddDeaths( -1 )
	elseif ( ply:GetObserverMode() == OBS_MODE_NONE ) then
		ply:Spectate( OBS_MODE_DEATHCAM )

So as you can see, when the player is dead, if the time is below 20 secs then the player respawn.
However, when there is many people on gm_parallax, then players respawn but dies again in some kind of loop and that crashes the server…

On my gamemode I did set the fretta var (CLASS.TeammateNoCollide = true) so people from the same team are no colliding so I guess them spawning on the same spawn point shouldn’t make them die (But maybe I’m wrong ?).
I had spawn points in team.SetSpawnPoint, then I removed them (Because I belive there are choosen randomly from every availlable ones if this isn’t set)

So now I ask for some help. Do you have some kind of ideas of how I could prevent people from dying on spawn ? Because I actualy had more than 30 players on the server when it crashed which is a bit annoying and may make people not comming on it again :<

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As people spawning on the spame spot as other people isn’t an issue, I found that

function GM:IsSpawnpointSuitable( pl, spawnpointent, bMakeSuitable )
	return true

Fixed my issues.