People for gmod

Hello everyone im looking for people to play Gmod with any game mode to have fun with while recording us do wired and wonderful things

These will go on my youtube channel and you can feel free to record them yourselfs

if you would like to join in please feel free to msg me on steam - ID dansiles

There are just 2 rules id like to hhave in place before you do

rule 1 - the main goal is to have fun otherwise this would be pointless

Rule 2 - Must be able to speak english that doesnt mean you have to be from english be speaking english is a must as i dont know any other language (aka im a dumb human )

but please if you really want to join please feel free to msg me!!

i hope you all enjoy

if you want to check out my stuff before you msg me ill leave my link at the bottom to check it out

This aint a place for advertising your youtube channel and I doubt that anybody here would even be willing to hang out with a guy with only 38 subscribers unless they were really that desperate :speechless:

Its 6 days, why bother responding