People in Business Black Suit, picture below

I was wondering if anyone can make

-Dr. Klenier (head hack)
-Dr. Breen (Head hack)
-This person’s head (not need to be perfect)

/////////////Business Suit//////////////////////////
-This suit same as picture but dress shirt is completely white and tie black (with including the white napkin in the right breasted pocket)

/////////////Business Trenchcoat//////////////////////////
-This black striped overcoat/trench coat with the suit inside above(same as picture for coat)

/////////////Business Black Shoes//////////////////////////
-Shoes, typical black dress shoes (a bit pointy but not too much)

but this shoe all black

so the suit would be like this but the blazer jacket would be striped as depicted in the first link

Btw, sorry about the links, brooks brothers has flash enabled gallery

thank you guys!

This would be so nice.