People in my town can't connect, but everyone else can?

Happens for all games, not just Garry’s Mod. Just that Garry’s Mod is the one I’m trying to host for the most.

Basically, it’s all setup fine with port forwards ETC. People from all over the world can connect, and people in my LAN can also connect. However, two of my friends, both who only live 2 or 3 streets down from me, cannot. They get the “server not responding” error.

Any ideas as to why this might be?

Get them to check their ports aren’t being blocked (especially if you’re running on a port like 27023 for example)

sounds like a crappy isp that blocks people on the same segment. contact your isp’s tech support.

Are you hosting from your network and they are joining from your game? So they are trying to connect to a game within their network?

KFrohman: I’m using the default steamgame ports, and they can connect to lots of other servers. I’ll ask around anyway :slight_smile:

odyss3y: It’s Virgin Media, I don’t think they classify as “crappy” :wink: But again, I will give your suggestion a try

sintwins: Not perfectly sure what you’re asking, but I know the game appears on the server list and such, it’s not LAN. And they are definately not trying to connect to a LAN game. As I said, other people from around the world can connect, it’s just the people who live nearby who can’t connect :frowning:

can you post your routers external ip and subnet as well as one of your friends who cannot connect?

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well. all ISPs work different. they may not have you guys wired in correctly. Just a variety of problems.

can you reply to my previous question?
also can you connect to each other via hamachi?

As a user of Virgin, They are shit, however there’s nothing better, so they’re considered the “best” in the UK.

5 months of random downtime of both the TV and Internet, with it “apparantly” being a fault with us, even though the problem was widespread for 2 miles. Even the techies were saying it was a problem at Virgins end (they overload the servers to get as many users as possible).

And yes, you can connect via hamachi.

my question on hamachi was directed to the OP, not a hypothetical question. i need to know if the connection is a relayed tunnel or not.

Well I’ve never had a single problem with them…
I’m not complaining with free phonecalls under an hour long and 20mbps internet :confused:

Anyway, back on topic; I will try Hamachi at some point and tell you the results.

-EDIT- Oh yeah, my external IP is
How do I find subnet?

This seems to be a bit off track…

Anyway Chris, are they joining by using the server’s IP address or by joining your game by using the friends tab on the server list or through steam friends?

If you are hosting the server from your personal network then they will be trying to join a local game where they need to use the server’s IP address.

Have they tried connecting using the server list and/or IP address?

If they still can’t connect and others can they may need to contact their ISP and ask them if they can do anything from their end or offer any possible advice.

Ok, I will try both methods of connecting, thanks for the advice