People in trenchcoats

Holy crap! I’m alive! Yeah. I want people in Overcoats, Matrix style. Like Neo, Morpheus, Trinity. I basically want one girl. And two guys.

Girl = Blonde hair, Black top, Black jeans, Black boots, Black Overcoat.

Guy 1 = Brown hair, White top, blue jeans, red sneakers, Brown overcoat.

Guy 2 = Black hair, black top, black jeans, Black boots, black overcoat.

I’d have pictures but i can’t quite find any that look good.

So… The girls hair should go to her elbows. The first guys hair should be short, and spiky. The second guys hair should be long. Shoulder length.

Yeah, i lost my touch at requesting. And i assume nobody will do these. But, shit. What do i have to lose?

Oh, Come on? Really? Nothing? Please?