People leaving while connecting.

Alot of people are just connecting to my server and leaving while connecting. So I thought my server was just messed up but my friends can join. So now I am thinking that my server is making people download unnecessary stuff because my friends took quite a while as well to download the stuff/join the server. I was wondering as a beginning server hoster, where can I see what people are downloading when joining my server? Also I am wondering what could be the problem the people/my server are/is experiencing? I really dont know what’s going on and it happens to like 90% of the people who are joining so there must be something wrong.

Maybe you’ve got too many files on your server for people to download that they just can’t be bothered? Consider using the Workshop download function and a FastDL server.

Also make an interesting sv_downloadurl page (The page you see when connecting to servers). Can keep people occupied for a bit longer.

I am using the workshop download function but how do I make sure they don’t download unnecessary things?

Just make sure you’re not resource.AddWorkshop-ing too much useless shit.


That’s how you send workshop files to the client.