People Management

Dear Facepuch Devs,

Try to make a system where everyone could join, but when the server reached the limit either people with accounts that have a active key would be prioritized when entering the game or/and the people in-game that dont have a active key get kicked so the ones with keys can get in. There havent been many people in the game due to lack of interest probably, and the maximum that Ive seen is about 200(it was a couple of days ago).

You are probably not going to see this but its worth the try since I have an account but cant get in :L

Most likely not going to happen.

Still it would be a great way to allow everyone to play.

Yeah but the beta key system was put in for a reason, to limit the amount of people that could ever be on, it would be stupid to let everyone play again only a short amount of time after the shitwave that was Reddit, 4chan and PsiTards.

You didnt read what I wrote did ya’ ? It only affect people without beta keys. It would give everyone a chance to try the game out, and since the servers latelly havent been too crowded it wouldnt affect the players with beta keys.

Also people could be dicks without consequences.

Maybe an IP ban can counter this?

There’d be more killing that it’s now for sure if they let everyone in.

200 is actually quite a big number for a single server, when there are more people I’m sure you’ll see a new batch of keys, but for now you’re out of luck.

That isn’t the goal for an alpha test.

People are already dicks without consequences. From what Ive seen there are like 5 guys that everyone says that they are cheaters, yet nothing is done about it.

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The goal for an alpha test is also to report bugs and glitches in the game. Does everyone in Rust do that ?

Also if it wasnt its goal then I dont know why Garry allowed everyone to get in the game for a while.

When the cheating is fixed, that won’t happen.

The moment you put a system in place, you’re in charge of maintaining it. Tell me OP, what game features are you removing to enable this during an Alpha release? Traps? Colored clothing? What features are you sacrificing now for the long-term, hmm? You lot never seem to take into account that there isn’t infinite dev time and effort to be spent.

If the devs does this it will problly be 100times more hackers/speedhackers

Ehhh… what planet do you live on?

1.- There has been tonnes of interest, the thread on Beta Keys alone had 5,147 posts and 566,804 views
2.- ITS AN ALPHA TEST not a game
3.- No, no and no… oh and NO!

This would make the server constantly full, yes I don’t play it and I would love to but it would ruin it for the rest of the players who actually got a beta key.
Forgot to mention, Server = Constantly full = Lag.

Woah, dont take the colored clothes (that dont work at the moment) for the ability for everyone to enjoy a good looking game. And why would you need to maintain this system ?? I really didnt get you there.

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If they fix that there wont be. Plus they already exist…

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Well since you arent in the same wave brain as I am, I’ll explain. WHEN SHIT GETS BAT SHIT CRAZY FUCK PLAYERS WITHOUT A BETA KEY !!!

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I live in planet Earth, and here in this planet we arent retards like you who approach people that are just trying to make the best (giving a chance for everyone to play) out of the worst (not a lot of people playing, the game is slowly dying). Most of the posts on that thread are just people screwing. Many of them trolling. Yes it is an alpha test. But since you are a retard you dont know what exactly that means. People who have access to the game, play it to find bugs, and of course enjoy the game. Both are not being executed properly (if at all). And the rest of your comment is just like those kids when they love something but its poop, and they try to defend it…

An Alpha test is not supposed to be for everyone to play, its supposed to be a closed game for testing purpose and we get to play for free and in return we help with the game.

Well you are wrong, in fact personally I think there are too many people. But… well maybe that was in the past few days, today was not as bad but still there are lots of people playing.
And as for the game dying, its not even released yet…

That is an issue for the Forum Mods, there are clearly not enough of them, or maybe they are just not doing their job, not been around on this forum long enough to know tbh. Someone else will comment on that one

Ok so you have called me a retard multiple times and said that I dont know what I am talking about or what testing a game means, well your posts have just proved that 1) you dont know what you are talking about and 2) that seeing as you dont know what you are talking about by default I’m back being correct :stuck_out_tongue:

You made these comments personal, my comment was about how out of touch you are with whats going on in the forums and in game, which I stand by and I am correct on seeing as what you posted last, and at no stage did I actually insult you. I’m not a child, I’m in my mid 30’s, but you clearly are, regardless of your actual birth date.

Have fun fighting against the brick wall of reality that is the fact that This is an Alpha

Well you may think that you didnt offend me but you did right from the start. And I hate people like you that are slow to embrace new ideas. Yes MANY alphas arent suppose to be played be a lot of people, but take a look at Planet Side 2. I know that is a giant map that is meant for giant battles. But a couple of hundred people would be enough to do the job, yet there were thousands if it didnt reach the million mark. But also a lot of people are good because it helps the devs see what they are doing wrong. When this games releases (if it does) they are probably going to want to have the maximum number of people in a server with low lag, no spawn killing, etc. Another thing is that 90% of the people in the game right now dont contribute to bug fixing and/or are hackers. Now that is want gets me mad. Is that people who dont deserve it have access to the game. Others have more than 1 account.

Im sorry for my approach but yours was quite rude to me at least, so maybe instead of just denying the idea right away, try to comprehend what the message of the other person is.

There is no need for any debate on this feature, It will not be added due to the pressure it puts on the server because the max player limit is pretty high iirc and the fact that an influx of terrible players will surely follow, Dealing with people begging for keys is much easier.

cool and I was also not trying to be offensive. Soz about that

But you keep beating the same horse. PlanetSide 2 went through many stages of development most of them internal and thats a AAA publishing house. The ONLY reason why this game is public at all at this stage is because the devs are just a few guys with no money.
If for no other reason, the game cannot be opened due to financial constraints with the server and bandwidth.
The game might be planned for large scale construction and survival. There might be a huge island but the game is not there yet, not even close. There are rumours that the devs will be removing buildings and maybe even zombies. The game is miles from being ready for stress testing and that is the kind of thing you are getting at. The game is not there yet.

I am not sure if you already have access to the game or if you are looking to get access for form friends but you will have to wait, like me. I have 3 other friends that I play these games with and none of them have access, patience is the key