People need to use different ragdolls

Seriously, there’s more than just Gman for you to facepose. Why does every gmod machinima I see have to involve Gman with a messed-up face flopping around while some retarded song plays? There’s tons of other ragdolls in the game that no one uses; Eli, magnusson, the citizens, and yet so many people stick to the same characters! Ridiculous!


EDIT: I posted this and immediately realized that my avatar is a faceposed Gman with an inflated head. kicks self

That problem resolved its self.

May be because He is the most strange person in half-life series and posing him in funny makes people laugh at him :smiley: ( Buy the way h have seen many theories about Gman identity, but i still think that he is an alien … )

A plot device, a deus ex machina, that’s what he is. He is the magical all-capable mysterious thing that writers usually avoid in good storytelling.

He looks funny when he has a posed face, thats why. We don’t even know if his intents are good or evil, so why not? If people find it funny, then let them.

And your avatar isn’t better…

Yeah, as soon as I posted this, I kicked myself. Epic fail on my part.

And I agree, gman is the best ragdoll, I just for whatever reason wanted to post that.

Probably sleep deprivation

He is a mystery, a John Doe to the Half-Life universe. A man with a cause yet no name, no home and no real story behind him that the audience would find interesting. Bourne reference much?

we do… look harder and change that G-Man boblehead

Yeah, I should probably find both a new avatar, and a cure for my hypocrisy.

Sorry, everyone.

Make his head bobble first.

This exactly. It’s like teabagging a really good player after you finally kill him, not that I ever experience something like that or encourage it or even teabag at all. Like telling your mom after she went bankrupt and you moved out and became a rich doctor or something like that. Something about removing the power and satirizing it is very humorous to people. Including me :slight_smile:

That and he looks hilarious when he has messed up faceposes.

That is a great feeling. One time I was playing Half-Life 2: Deathmatch with a friend and we were getting owned by this guy each and every time we go up against him. I finally setup a trap with my bud to use him as the prey. When he was goofing off in the center with a crowbar the guy moved in. I got him in the back of the skull with a crossbow and it was like winning the lottery.

because hes a buisness man and its funny to see a serious-looking man doing drugs and getting shot head blow.


what about dr. hax

Dr. Hax is the creation of DasBoSchitt

I’d be unoriginal to use him.

Not only G-Man, but also the citizen model used for John Freeman.

That would be male_07

Wat about kleiner ?

Only use with Alyx sex poses.

Where you got that avatar ? :v: