People Needed!

Attention, I need people for my Gmod Machinima Click Click Boom! If you wish to help you must:

Have a hi-spec pc

Garry’s Mod 10


A way to record it.

If interested please message me Here or on Steam.

Also Join the group.

SHow some work you’ve already made, I ain’t joining a random group without good reasons.

0 steam friends what.

I seriously doubt that someone in the Gmod section DOESNT have Gmod.

Machinima groups don’t work like this.

Well I got a vista with a lot of memory & GMod 10, but no way to record (unless i install in the future), and I only have Portal and HL2DM. But I still think it would be fun.

Your logo is made in paint. So no thanks, I won’t be touching this with a barge-pole.

“A way to record it”.

Ever heard of Source Recorder?

Thanks, you’re the only person who wants to help.

I will keep you posted.

inb4 shitty fraps recorded stuff.

Hey, I’m new to the whole thing, so no.


Also, should I join now, or just wait for a bit?

Wrong section.

No one i know has steam! Yet.


Gettin a newer hi-spec laptop with Windows 7 and all valve games. e.g. Left 4 dead, TF2 etc. Because the one i use now lags like hell when i try to record.

Once I get a video trailer, I’ll put it on Youtube and post a link.

Gettin it at the end of march / April start.





Get out

I highly doubt a laptop will help you fix that.

…Can you tell us what it is about first?