People not getting banned, HELP!

Well there are some hackers in my regular community server, admins aren’t ever online so i don’t know how they can get banned. It says they got VAC Banned today then they just rejoined the server no problem and starting killing everyone. I’ve looked on there profiles for proof they’ve been banned, and it says they have. But there still in the server. there names are

-JayDee -
-Aimbot -
-foofy222 -

please help fix this issue. There making the server a nightmare.

Only JayDee is “Vac Banned” but that doesnt mean hes vac’d for rust, he might be vac banned for CS

Is there i way i can report them though? because they are obviously using hacks?

How is it obvious they are using hacks? Where is the proof?

speed hacks, mega jump, thousands of guns in his base.

sometimes you dont need prove the entire server knows

Its possible if they arent banned from rust they will either get banned on the next VAC wave, or the server is not VAC enabled. Im not sure if it can be disabled but check with the server owner, or any owner to see if its possible. If its not possible just wait, VAC will get them