People on are dicks

I’ll comment on an addon and a few minutes later there will be a whole mess of people bashing me and flaming because they don’t agree with my opinion. Then I see a comment that says something like “this is 5 minute shit” which it probably is and there will be a lot of people replying and bashing him. I think the comments should just be removed from the website, it’s not doing any good, it’s just an area for people to start flame wars.

What do you think?

Did they not like your preposed adv dupe ragdolls

I have never uploaded an Advanced Duplicator file, and I also stated in the description that I will comment on something and they will start bashing. Here’s my profile page:
The things I upload actually took time and the point of the kits were to help people get started (they have a decent selection of addons that are useful for building).

yeah we can have more people making shitty machinimas that no one will watch


they’ll think they’re professional

Those pre-posed ragdoll dupes can be great for Machinimas. I have a whole pack of them sitting, lying down, sleeping and with all kinds of custom faces. It has saved me alot of time in making my movies.

So what if no one will watch them? They are making videos because it could be fun for them. It could be shitty in your opinion but they might have put effort into it, therefore they did a good job and should keep making videos to become better.

would anyone disagree that this is shitty
do you think he put “effort” into this?
even if he did, there are hundreds of these clogging jewtube
which is doing shitty enougb as it is.

It needs to stop.

Not a lot of effort, but I did say that they “might have put effort into it”. The good thing is we have the choice of not to watch the video and also videos with less views won’t be the first to show up with our search. Shitty videos won’t have many views and won’t show up at the top. I do agree that it should stop but hey, we can’t do anything about. Then that’s when the comments start filling up with people hating on the person who is responsible for the shitty thing.

But it’s still there like that one kid that watches you and you want to punch him but you can’t because he’s special and lights fires or whatever.

Lol. There’s always the saying, “If your special, then your parents must be retarded”.

yay biased poll options

i see all you did was repackage a bunch of addons
good work, do you want a medal?

i see all you’ve uploaded is backgrounds, other people’s stuff and your crappy map

Don’t let that stop you.

i voted no anyway

You didn’t read my post from before. I said that the kits were for people who want useful addons for something such as building.
Thank you for your opinion on my map, it’s not even finished, so I’ll keep your opinion in mind when I continue finishing it. I would also like to see you make a better map.

Gmod is an awesome game/mod and addons makes them even better. I use to download addons, so I voted No.

I didn’t no what to put on the poll, there should be a NO. But anyways i choose no, i am one of them.

No argument from me there ninja duck…
but in some way its funny, how some people feel so elitist that must downgrade other peoples work and on a halflife 2 modification that started in the most humble of ways its very ironic and yes I will lower myself to say… retarded…

simplicity, its an odd thing on something like gmod, because there are hundreds of tools and modifications to make the world go round and basicly do anything thing you like, however for those who wish to stay true to the spirit of Gmod, making things out of existing props, using only keypad etc and basicly just making things… work… with minimal resources… simplicity is the key, not due to lack of capability… but rather preference

theres a whole range of people who hate wire and PHX because it simply complicated things… others love it…theres no problem with that… but when a contraption is looked down upon for not having X and X features, then yes…people are dicks

I like how your poll is essenitally yes/yes. Be unbiased or don’t bother.


You don’t need to be better than the other party at something to be able to criticise their work. I keep seeing this philosophy, and it’s a load of bollocks. Your map is pretty basic and blocky.

I wholeheartedly disagree with your, bollocks of which you spout presumed sir without bollocks, for some people can serve as a living catalog of progression, improvement and file protection if things are lost, yes its primaryly for people to download, but also for uploads also, unfinished maps and contraptions can give inspiration to people just starting out, additionally so people could also provide recomendations and improvements to such a thing

in the right mindset and group of people… anything both pro-level gmod contraptions and creations and simple items would go hand in hand, compliment eachother… however, these people in question of penile resemblance , well lets just say wars are made over such things… its there nature to be hostile with no reason, they compare, disregaurd, insult and downgrade others in a self entitled quest to be better while very much saying they not,

“dicks” or more PC “people of penile resemblance”, are what is wrong with, and indeed sometimes I pitty garry, creator of this mod… how in the world has such a wonderful modification where people can set free there imaginations akin to a lucid dream… have given birth to a community so hostile, teeming with hatred and elitism,

im sure hes thankful hes payed for it, because in his position I wouldnt want to live with the knowlage that my free time and effort is being squandered by such a group of illcontents, Im sure money makes it worth while…

I get it, Really I do…at its core halflife 2 and source engine games are all combat based, war games… prime targets for those to wish to vent and unleash the primal side that it seems majority teenage angry kids seem to engage in… gmod is different from that but you cant have gmod without the associated combat game, so you cant have one without the other…

in any other setting a standalone game such as gmod would likely have a better civilised following, however given its origins, saddly its something i doubt gmod itself will ever escape,

and the sad thing is, it sets a very bad example… what do you think game companys and independent developers contemplating a similar professional level high risk venture sandbox physics game think when they see all this

indeed I very much wish they’d realise the damage they do

(thankyou for that tutorial ninja_duck by the way)

Excuse me? I’ve never even left a comment on I just use it to download things and (about every 60 years) upload a new version of Warmelons. I don’t really see why making 2 negative points about his map makes me a dick. I probably came across as one just then, but that’s because I say stupid shit all the time without thinking it through. I’m sorry if I caused any offense, but I think treating me as the ambassador and leader of the Great Council of Internet Dickwads is a bit unfair. (penultimate line)

I never even really pay attention to the comments - a third-party commenting system sellotaped to the bottom of the page. Now that I go on the huge string of comments on the big PHX3 download on the frontpage, a lot of the comments are pretty childish and name-calling. But I don’t think it’s really a massive problem if people are being childish on an internet comments box. Surely it’s inevitable that people are going to be silly if you give them anonymity.

Oh, and if you’re going to try and argue, attack my argument, not me personally. I’m pretty sure that’s how arguments worked when we were 5. Accusing me of having no testicles isn’t going to get the argument anywhere.