People preferences in an RP map - Furnishing.

Currently working on an RP map.

Done alot,
Question i have to you people, is would you rather have a map that you can furnish yourself in roleplay - robynsvalley for example…
Or would you rather have the map have already placed props?


The problem with already furnished maps is that they crash a lot more on servers with a lot of people.

On the other hand they are good for servers where spawning is very limited.

If it’s custom models then furnish it, if it’s the same old gritty HL2 models leave em out.

Well, i’m about as much good at modelling as i am at knitting, so, i guess i’ll leave it unfurnished…

Leave it unfurnished.

Preset furnitures are annoying as they’re sometimes “owned by world”…
Basically, prop protected from everyone.

It’s more fun and convenient to furnish yourself.

don’t relese your maps, your only going to be rememberd for your competition disater.

ok relese them under a different account.

shut up, prick,

What the hell? He can do whatever he wants, and if people judge his map for shit that’s happened they are idiots.


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I think you should have some buildings furnished with custom props and some not. Like if youre making slums like evocity has, it shouldnt have any props except a toilet maybe. But more popular buildings like suburban houses or something (another evocity example) it should have some custom props like fridge, full bathroom, bed etc…

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alright, nice.
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