People Randomly Dying on server

I dont know how or what is causing it but it keeps killing everybody on the server when they go near 1 guy but we kicked him and it still happens

only log from this “player”

ServerLog: .:Volume:::::::. (STEAM_0:1:1318) Got killed by .:Volume:::::::. with a player

Give us some more information.
It might be some player using an exploit, so what kind of server are you running,
which addons are you using, etc.

im running a darkrp server im using: Logger menu, Car Dealer, ulx, gmod legs, scars, keypad, swb guns, hatschat2.

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[DarkRP] Leaderkenneth was killed by Himself with a suicide trick
[DarkRP] Next Gen Ninjahh was killed by Himself with a suicide trick
[S-Admin](OOC) Next Gen Ninjahh: FUCK THIS
Payday! You received $45!
.:Volume:::::::. killed Robodudet using swb_usp
[DarkRP] Robodudet was killed by .:Volume:::::::. with a swb_usp

It’s probably swb guns
Can you link us to wherever you got it, so we have the same version to check

The Sleek Weapon Base guns do not do this. It’s a legit base made by Spy that he sold on CoderHire.
The only way that they could be the culprit is if the OP is using a leaked version that contains a backdoor, or if they’ve modified the base somehow that severely fucked it up.

Oh, I was unaware of the addon.
I trust Spy. and CoderHire enough to agree that it probably isn’t that.

Is your RCON password in your server config file?
Can you check the entire log of the server for anything strange.
You might want to make a function that logs all the players online during the occurance, each time you run the function filter it out to only contain players that have been on during all last occurances, then eventually you will be left with possible suspects. Such script would be.

local suspects = false
concommand.Add("WhoDidIt", function()
    if not suspects then suspects = {} for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do suspects[v] = true end print("Suspects:") PrintTable(suspects) return end
    local newSuspects = {}
    for k,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
        if suspects[v] then newSuspects[v] = true end       
    suspects = table.Copy( newSuspects )
    PrintTable( suspects )

On my phone and I don’t know how efficient that is, I’m in a rush so sorry if I did mostakes, iPhones are shit.

“.:Volume:::::::.” killed “Robodudet” using “swb_usp”

.:Volume:::::::. is someone’s name

“Robodudet” was killed by “.:Volume:::::::.” with a “swb_usp”

Problem solved. (:

[Internal Screaming]

Wow…I just ignore that because i thought that was really obvious…