People run scripts and others

Hello guys, i just disabled sv_allowcslua but some people can still run codes, someone mention something called " Proceeder,

There’s an addon to protect my server, or something ? i would like if you help me guys, thanks.

A bypasser, :C can’t help those.

Disabling that is useless with bypassers.

All you need is the sv_(command) bypass and an injector, They inject it - It enables, Boom they run whatever they want (Preferably cheats/hacks)

Code/buy an anti cheat that doesn’t allow them to inject.

I don’t think there is a way to “not allow” bypasses from working on a server, but as for the Anti-Cheat, If you find a strong enough one or code one, Obviously you can make it ban them when the cvar is changed (Example, for someone using a hack and they need to bypass sv_allowcslua, once bypassed = Instant ban or ban when it checks for changes.) that’s what most PERP’s do.

That’s what I meant, not blocking bypassers but having an instaban system that bans them when the cvar is changed; or something like when the host’s timescale doesn’t match the expected value.