People running away from Francis

Looks good, but the people should have been posed too, instead of an image.

Yeah, but it does suit the pose well. The lighting is impeccable.

He’s back in 'Nam…WITH A VENGEANCE

Thats a very cool picture
Also very lolworthy :smug:

Fitting 3D models in a Rl picture is kinda hard, and you did it very well.

Have an artistic :smiley:

PS Francis definitly looks badass.

I’d run the fuck away


don’t like the scanlines, rest is very good

Very good, Francis is almost real like.

Francis hates crowds.

Lol Francis is like:“I hate real life”


Nice isolation :stuck_out_tongue: good posing too.

The point of pose its perfect
but if i am wrong correct me, the part wheb francis is holdingwhis left hand
whe shoot its not begin hot?

I can’t help but to think this:

Holy Shit
Awesome :smug:

Doesn’t really look like they’re running.

two girls in one picture?? omg!

Looks so realistic, here is an artistic from me.



YES. It’s amazing.

Nice. Great lighting.