People say the Rust community is bad...

I just want to point out that this community doesn’t seem to bash DayZ players… This is a rare occurrence when similar games are played around the same time (League vs Dota, Xbox One vs PS4, CoD vs Battlefield, etc etc)

What gives guys? Why aren’t you making fun of DayZ player’s moms or something?

I would guess that it’s because a large percentage of the people who play Rust also play DayZ. Why can’t you like both games? Why even bring it up? Just enjoy it.

I agree. I bring it up because it surprises me. But playing both games makes a lot of sense. It’s just nice to not see petty people hating what other people like for once.

3/4 of rust community can’t just read section and Facepunch rules :v:

We don’t give a shit about DayZ, this is the Rust subforum, not the We Hate DayZ subforum. Bitching about DayZ is off-topic.

It’s because Rust has brought a lot of people to these forums who are too lazy to read any of the stickies or site rules and expect to be babysat since they’re new.

I wouldn’t say the Rust community is bad, the Rust community on Facepunch though is a totally different story.